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Replika Teatro

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BTL (Bialostocki Theater Lalek), the famous manikin theater from Bialystok, went on an overall visit that included exhibitions for grown-ups. They were showing two plays alongside a presentation and talked about European and Polish manikin theater history. Madrid’s Teatro Replika introduced “The Pole” just as “Dulcinea”.

On the 26th and 27th November, Madrid’s Teatro Replika introduced “The Pole” and “Dulcinea” separately. In addition, Spanish Replika is notable for its theater foundation. On the 25th of December, the Spanish Replika facilitated a display and talk.

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“The Pole”

It is 1912. Robert Falcon Scott and his group are getting back from their South Pole endeavor. They were crushing Scott as a pilgrim, he discovered. Scott shows up at the post and tracks down a tent with a Norwegian banner, food, and a letter from Roald Amundsen. Unfortunately, Scott is presently broken and sets out on a troublesome excursion back. In any case, he is hindered by a blizzard. The voyagers are caught in a tent 12 km from the coast and shelter on the boat. They anticipate their passing by starvation and cold.

“The Pole” ( “Polyus”) was composed by Nabokov that’s the reason why it had started at this place. It’s a story of the last snapshots of individuals who face the unavoidable and attempt to accommodate their past while sitting tight for their demise. Yet, notwithstanding the difficulty they face, they can, in any case, do genuinely courageous demonstrations.

Is it workable for a machine to make a virtual numbers? “Dulcinea recounts the narrative of magnificence in ourselves and what makes us human. The crowd, alongside the play’s machine-legends, sets out on an excursion for adoration and kinship.

This presentation is a trial, motivated by Cervantes’ works. Some unusually molded characters that have exceptional control prospects have acted in it. It is an excursion without words. The visual beat of entertainers’ developments and the activities and tokens of manikins and different items go with it. It’s an endeavor to find the limits between theater styles, manikin control, cutting-edge music, and theater. It additionally fills in as an educational experience chasing after womanliness through dreams and phantasmagoria Phone System In New York Region.

One-person show reimagines Charlie Chaplin in Replika Teatro

Teatro Replika is a periphery theater in Madrid. It’s not the best spot to get together with Teatr Wiczy. Their little show, I, The Dictator about Charlie Chaplin, plays Edinburgh all through Fringe. The Spanish scene’s chief is Jaroslaw Bielski, a Polish theater craftsman.

Krystian Wieczynski plays a fundamentally reconsidered Chaplin during his enemy of Nazi exemplary The Great Dictator. The play connects unequivocally with governmental issues, history, and individual brain research.

Chaplin is shooting his film disregarding the aggression and detachment of an American foundation that is to a great extent confined. This foundation doesn’t need any English entertainer, regardless of how enormous, hauling the United States into Europe’s battle against extremism. Romuald Wicza – Pokojski envisioned this anecdotal circumstance. Meanwhile, a delegate of Hitler’s system goes into Chaplin’s Hollywood changing area and endeavors to buy him with Nazi money. Hitler has taken his face with his little mustache.

Wieczy_ski’s presentation mirrors the mental parts of the piece and its anecdotal premise. His Chaplin talks in English with solid Polish intonation. As he talks, his tap moves. He uncovered his defects and allurements in bareness or semi-nakedness and afterward exorcized himself in sexual bliss. He is a Chaplin that is as near Robert Downey Jr’s translation as you can envision Phone System In New York Region.

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